TRANTEK has current contracts with several Major International name Groups in Indonesia, including the Manufacturing, Chemical and Agriculture Sectors, to provide large numbers of Workers and Support Staff on “Contract Outsourcing” arrangements, whereby we provide all the required Employment and Formalities services, whilst the Employees’ continue to carry-out their normal, daily assigned duties for the Client.

Under these arrangements, TRANTEK is designated as the Employer, however, the assigned workers continue to carry out the same work as normal at the Clients’ facilities, throughout Indonesia.

TRANTEK’s ‘Outsourcing Services’ provides our Clients’ with-
‘Substantial Cost Savings‘ including
  • Reduced Management Overheads.
  • Reduced Administration Overheads.
  • Reduced Accounting and Finance Overheads.
  • Reduced Payroll responsibilities.
As TRANTEK is designated as the Employer, our On-Site Representatives and Regional Office Support Staff take care of all –
  • Employees’ Hiring and Terminations.
  • Preparing Workers Agreements.
  • Payroll and Administration Functions.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (Jamsostek).
  • Liaison with Government Departments including Depnaker (Manpower Department).
  • Schedules for Work Rosters and Leave Breaks.
  • Sourcing, selecting and presenting new employees’, in accordance with Clients’ production and expansion schedules and programs.
TRANTEK’s Proven “Outsourcing Services and Capabilities“ ensures that You, ‘THE-CLIENT’, can maintain an effective and productive ‘Work-Force’, whilst also receiving the benefits of substantial ‘Cost-Savings’ and ‘Reduced Overheads’.
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